Top Flea Bomb Brands

One of the most aggravating problems to have in a building is a flea infestation. This commonly occurs in homes where animals are kept as pets. In order to rid the building of fleas, there are several options. Using a flea bomb or a flea fogger is a proven and effective way to end the infestation.

However, it is easy to find a store that carries flea bomb and flea fogger products, use of any of these items will necessitate some preparatory work. All top flea bomb brands state that any cabinets containing dishes or food items must be sealed shut prior to setting off the bomb. It is important to keep humans and animals safe from the harmful chemicals contained in all flea bomb products.

A few of the top flea bomb brands on the market today are Raid, Hartz, Zodiac, Bob Martin, and Adams Plus. Keep in mind that no brand offers a guarantee of absolute extermination. Each of these brands is known for its ability to stop the life cycle of fleas either through sterilizing the males or through simply killing every insect upon contact. If the flea problem is very severe or if home flea bombs have failed, then consulting a professional exterminator may be the best course of action. However, if hiring an exterminator is not a financially feasible option, then Precor Plus Fogger is a good alternative. It is a professional grade product that can be found in some home improvement stores or purchased online.

Today’s market offers a number of brands of reliable flea bomb and flea fogger products. If a building or home is infested with fleas, the first thing to do is buy a flea extermination kit and prepare the area to be bombed. If the home product fails, consult an expert.

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