How To Use Flea Shampoo

Getting rid of fleas on your beloved pet may seem daunting at first, but following a few simple steps with a good flea shampoo should rid your pet of these troublesome pests. Flea shampoo was specifically designed to kill fleas and their eggs so it is important to use this product immediately rather than an inferior, homemade, substitute, prolonging infestation.

When selecting a flea shampoo, be certain to choose one designed specifically for a cat or dog. Be sure to read all labels carefully, as most chemicals present in adult shampoos are not suitable for kittens or puppies. They have their own varieties available in particular concentrations for their more delicate skin and smaller size.

Choose a suitable area in which to bathe the pet. The family bathtub or sink is a common solution for bathing pets if there are no other basin alternatives. Be careful to carefully wipe down shower walls and remove any chemical residue afterward.

While shampooing a cat or dog may be mundane and familiar, there are some important differences to be aware of. After combing your pet to remove extra hair, place your pet in a bath of slightly warm water and wet him by pouring water from the top down. After reading the label and determining the recommended amount of shampoo, begin to lather your pet from the neck first. This is crucial to keep pests from attempting to escape by moving towards his eyes and ears, where it is more difficult to wash effectively. Lather your pet as usual continuing down his body slowly, so the medication has time to work. Rinse the animal carefully and very thoroughly from his neck downward, making sure the shampoo has been removed, since it can be drying to his skin.

Read the selected flea shampoo label carefully, as it will indicate the effectiveness of the product and specific guidance on how to use. Generally, this should not need to be repeated if precautions have been taken to eliminate fleas in home and bedding to guard against re-infestation. Flea shampoo can be utilized for this purpose as well.

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