How to Get Rid of FLeas in Your House?

It is inevitable that if you have a pet that goes outdoors for any length of time, you will eventually have fleas in your home. The pet carries them in when they come in and not long after that the fleas will invade your home. You will find yourself with fleas in your carpet, in your clothes and even in your bedding.

In some cases you can even carry the fleas into the home after you have been outside working in the yard, or just from being outside. It is more likely if you have pets, but be aware that people carry fleas in also. When this happens there are several options that you can use for getting rid of the fleas. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Flea Bomb

You can use a flea bomb. A flea bomb can treat your entire house at the same time. The good points of a flea bomb are that the whole house is treated and it normally only takes one time to do it. The bad points of a flea bomb are that it does contain chemicals that can be harmful to you and your pets. You will need to treat with a flea bomb when you know you will be away from the house for at least a day. Set the bomb in the morning, pack up your pets and leave the house. You should also cover all counter tops and dishes. When you return home, open all of the windows and wipe off anything that was not covered during the treatment.

Wash Everything

Another way of how to get rid of fleas in your house is to begin by washing everything that can be washed that your pet comes in contact with: your bedding, any rugs, pets bedding, etc. Clean your carpet with a strong solution that will kill the fleas and eggs. You must clean everything that you can and do it on a regular basis in order for the fleas to die out. As long as there is a place for them to hide, they will most certainly do it.

Flea Spray

You might also want to try some of the sprays that are on the market today. Some of them are made so that there is no harm to your children or your pets. So make sure to read the label before you begin spraying it throughout your house. Some will contain harmful chemicals and some of them will not, so make sure to do your research before you buy a product.


You can try a natural solution using a condiment that you have right in your home. Plain old table salt can be sprinkled on your carpets, rugs, pet beds, and around doors and windows. Vacuum the salt up after a day or so and continue to treat regularly.

No matter how you do it or what option you try for getting rid of fleas in your home, you should do it on a regular basis so that the fleas do not come back into your home and take over again. Prevention is half of the battle for keeping fleas at bay.

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