How to choose a snow blower?

A snow blower is an irreplaceable technique forgiving. With its help, you can quickly clear a large area of ​​snow. Compact and economical equipment allows you to save the strength of the site owner or company staff and quickly cope with even serious snowdrifts. How to choose the best 2 stage snow blower under $1000 if modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of models with different functionality and characteristics?

To answer the question which snow blower is better, you need to know their basic parameters. The key ones are:

  • Engine’s type.
  • Engine power.
  • Type of drive.
  • Fuel tank volume.
  • Working width of capture.
  • The presence of a self-propelled device.

For many buyers, the following parameters are also important:

  • Price.
  • Brand.

Which engine type to choose

Gasoline Snow Blower
Gasoline snowblower – has good power, full autonomy, and high productivity. Accordingly, it is expensive and, if it breaks down, will require expensive repairs. In turn, fuel engines are divided into 2 types:2-stroke – lighter, more compact, maneuverable, but less powerful.4-stroke – heavy, high-performance, designed for large volumes of packed snow and ice.
Electric snow blowerElectric snow blower – powered from the mains. Since this technique does not include batteries, a very long cord or extension cord in a reel will be required to clean a large area. In terms of power and performance, electric snow blowers are significantly inferior to gasoline ones, but they are cheaper.

Models of snow blowers with a gasoline engine can be equipped with a gearbox. This is a very useful option, which can greatly improve the efficiency of snow removal and ease of operation, but this technique will cost more. Also, for switching speeds inexpensive samples, a variation may be present.

What engine power is optimal

The more powerful the snow blower engine, the better. You can focus on the following parameters:

  • 5-6 acres – 6 liters. from.
  • ≦ 1.5 hectares – 8 liters. from.
  • ≧ 2 hectares – 10 liters. from.

The cost of snow removal equipment directly depends on its power, therefore, to service a small area, you do not need to buy a powerful snow blower and overpay for it.

Important characteristics of snow blowers


  • Self-propelled snowblower – able to clear a large area even from stale snow. The technique is driving itself, for control it is necessary to use a minimum of effort, coordinating only the direction of movement. It is unpretentious to operating conditions – it will cope with large snowdrifts in severe frost and wind. Self-propelled snowblowers have more power and an extended set of functions – snow is thrown over a long distance (up to 15 m), there may be power steering, heated grips, headlights for working in the dark, etc.
  • A non-self-propelled snowblower has more modest characteristics, but not without its advantages. It is equipped in most cases with a safety rubber auger that can be used to clean tracks with different surfaces. The snow throwing range of such models is no more than 5 meters. Non-self-propelled snow removal equipment is optimal for suburban areas of a small area. Thanks to their lightweight design, non-self-propelled snow blowers are easy to operate – even the elderly and teenagers can handle snow removal. The maneuverability of the equipment allows you to remove snowdrifts in hard-to-reach places. On uneven terrain, such a snow blower is difficult to control – you need to make an effort to push it.

What type of drive to choose

  • The tracked snow blower is ideal for uneven terrains with slides, steps, curbs, and other obstacles. The tracks provide good traction on slopes.
  • Wheeled – a maneuverable option that allows you to easily make turns and quickly clear the area. A wheeled snow blower is the most versatile and easy to maintain.

What is the best snow discharge chute

  1. Plastic is an affordable option that is often found in budget models. The only advantage of this chute is that it does not rattle during operation. If the snow is wet, the plastic chute can simply come off at high throwing speeds.
  2. Metal – installed on more expensive models. It weighs more, but is more reliable. The only drawback is that it may rattle while throwing snow.

Bucket width

  • Wide – increases the productivity of snow removal at times. Snow throwers with wide buckets are convenient for cleaning large areas. Self-propelled snow blowers have the largest range of bucket widths (70-90 cm)
  • Narrow – low productivity, but high maneuverability. Such snow blowers can clean even hard-to-reach areas, which is especially important in the country. Small bucket width (50-70 cm) is most often found in non-self-propelled snow blowers.

Why a gear auger is good

  • Rubberized – most often installed on non-self-propelled snow blowers. It captures snow well and does not damage the surface of the site.
  • Not rubberized – capable of crushing even compacted snow and even ice. These screws are patterned and equipped with sharp teeth.

Electric start function

Electric start is a very convenient option if the snow-removal equipment for the summer cottage is stored in an unheated room. Even in severe frost, electric start allows you to instantly start the engine.

Manufacturing firm

As with any other equipment, when buying a snow blower, they pay attention to brand awareness. A company that has long gained a reputation for the quality of its products is unlikely to slip a pig in a poke. The most popular brands of snow plow manufacturers:

  • Craftsman – quality machinery from the USA. Optimal in terms of price/quality ratio.
  • MTD is a budget technology with good quality made in the USA.
  • Huter – German-made inexpensive electric and gasoline snow blowers.
  • Cub Cadet is a professional snowblower made in Germany.
  • AL-KO is a popular budget snow blower brand. The range includes electric and gasoline models.
  • Stiga – cheap and quality snow blowers from Sweden
  • Patriot is a Russian manufacturer of snow removal equipment. The range includes budget models for amateurs and professionals.

Summing up

When choosing snow removal equipment, it is necessary to decide in what conditions it will be used. If this is a large area with a thick layer of snow cushion, then it is better to pay attention to high-performance models based on a gasoline engine. Better if it is a 4-stroke engine with a transmission (gearbox). If the budget allows, we recommend choosing a self-propelled vehicle.

If you have a country house or summer cottage, then a non-self-propelled wheeled snowplow with a small bucket is quite suitable. If the budget is limited, you can opt for the electric model.

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