Fowler’s Kitchen Helps

To Prevent a Glass from Breaking when pouring hot water in it, first put a spoon in the glass. This method can also be used when pouring hot soup or any hot liquid in any fragile receptacle.

When Butter is Too Hard to spread easily, turn a heated bowl upside down over the butter dish for a few minutes. This will thoroughly soften the butter without melting it.

To Remove Stains from the Hands, rub them with a piece of lemon.

Starch to Prevent Rough of Cracked Hands – Use starch which is ground fine to prevent rough or cracked skin on your hands. Every time the hands are washed and rinsed thoroughly, wipe them off, and, while they are still damp, rub a pinch of starch over their entire surface.

Best Way to Strain Soup – When straining soup set a coarse strainer inside of a fine one and pour the liquid through both; you will thus avoid clogging the fine one with the larger solids.

Quick Way to Peel Carrots – Use a coarse grater to peel carrots. A few passes over the grater will rid the carrots of their skins quicker than any other method.

Heat Lemons Before Squeezing – In using lemons, heat them thoroughly before squeezing and you will obtain nearly double the quantity of juice that you would if they had not been heated.

To Make Meat Tender – A tablespoonful of vinegar added to tough meat while it is boiling or roasting will make it more tender.

How to Crack Pecans – Almost all housewives know how very hard it is to crack pecan nuts and get the meats out whole. Pour boiling water over the nuts and let them stand tightly covered for five or six hours. The nut meats may then be extracted easily without a trace of the bitter lining of the nut. Use a nut cracker and crack lightly all around the nuts. The work is quickly done and is not at all like the tedious process of picking out the meats from the dry nuts. The meats nearly always come out whole.

To Clean Gas Stove Burners – Pick the holes open with a large pin and apply a vacuum cleaner to take out the particles of dirt.

Wire Rack for Use Under Pies – When taking pies from the oven, do not put them on the flat surface of the table to cool unless a high wire rack is put under them. The rack helps to keep the crust crisp and they will not be soggy.

How To Peel Tomatoes Easily – Tomatoes nearly always have to be skinned before being used. To do this easily, place them in a basin and pour boiling water over them. Let stand a minute, and then drain.

Another method is to rub the tomatoes all over with the back of a knife to loosen the skins before peeling. This is said to be better than scalding.

To Remove Fish Odor from Hands – A few drops of ammonia in the water in which you wash your hands will remove all fishy odor from the hands after preparing fish for cooking.

To Prevent Onions from Making the Eyes Water – Scalding water poured over onions will keep the eyes from watering.

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