Circular saw cut with guide

To make a truly straight cut with a hand circular saw we will need a guide. Read circular saw guide reviews.

As a guide we can use any material available that is sufficiently straight. An aluminum corner, a squared panel, a strip.


Let’s consider that the distance between the blade and the edge of the circular that will rest on the guide is 10cm.

We will then position the guide 10cm from the edge of the cut we want to make.

Secure the workpiece and the rail securely with clamps. Now it can be cut

Stop Block

In case of multiple cuts in series, place a stop against which the piece to be cut hits. You can make cuts in series without repeating the measurement and without marking the cut on the piece.

Which circular saw size to buy?

Each circular saw is designed for a specific blade size and only that size can be used. The size of the blade determines the maximum depth of cut. Make sure you choose a saw that can cut the depth required for the job you want to do. The cutting depths of normal circular saws are 40mm, 55mm, and 66mm.

How to achieve optimum sawing performance

We suggest that you consider the following points to ensure that you get optimal results with your circular saw:

  • Place the prettiest side of the work piece facing down to minimize chipping
  • Draw a line of sawdust on your work piece
  • Only use sharp blades of the right type and remember: the more teeth, the finer the result
  • Set the depth of sawing to ensure the blade does not extend more than 3mm below the work piece
  • Set the correct oblique angle if you like
  • Test the settings on a piece of scrap material
  • Make sure the saw is running at full speed before guiding the tool onto the work piece (protective cap will open automatically)
  • Too much forward pressure will reduce the speed of the blade, slowing down the work
  • Use a rip fence to get a neat cut along the edge of a work piece
  • Do not lift the circular saw off the work piece until the blade has come to a complete stop

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