Cat Fleas – How to Get Rid of Cat Fleas?

If your cat is scratching & biting at its fur, there is a pretty good chance your cat has fleas. To check if your cat has fleas, you can inspect your cats hair and skin closely. If fleas are present, you will see small dark brown insects in your cat’s skin.

Natural Remedies

You will be rather surprised, but natural remedies are still the best treatment for cat fleas. They are not only the best but they are also cheap, save and effective. So, before you buy any commercial flea killer, you should try some of the natural methods listed below.

Dawn Dish Detergent

Bathing your cat with dawn dish detergent is one of the best ways to treat fleas in your cat. Alternatively, you could use a natural flea shampoo to bathe your cat.If you choose to use a herbal shampoo, look for one that contains pine cedar, lavendar, eucalytus or citronella.

Flea comb

Comb your cat thoroughly with a flea comb. Then dip it in a container of dishwashing liquid. The fleas will fall into the water and drown.


Neem is an effective and natural repellant for fleas.Apply neem tea on your cat with a cloth and rub your cat thoroughly with the neem tea. This may be done twice a week in the summer months to control the fleas. Do this more often if your cat spends more time out of the house.


It is important not only to treat fleas in your cat, but also to work on the environment. You should wash all your cat’s bedding in hot water; then dry them in high heat. This should kill the fleas.


While you have fleas in your cat and house, you should vacuum your house religiously and everywhere until the fleas are completely eradicated. It is a lot of work, but it is well worth it in the end. If possible, vacuum your house twice a day.

Chemical Products

If the natural methods stated above fails to work for you, you may have to resort to commercial chemical products, some of which are as follows:

Flea collars

Flea collars can only kill fleas around the neck area and you should be aware that the chemicals in the flea collars can be harmful to humans.Still, flea collars have their place in the flea treatment regime.

Flea Powders

Flea powders are effective in killing adult fleas but be careful when using these as your cat could react to it and it may dry your cat’s hair


Flea shampoos can kill adult fleas quickly as they contain insecticides.This may be a simple solution if the fleas are not so rampant in your cat.

Topical treatments

Use a drop on treatment such as frontline or advantage on the cats. Ensure you do this on time every month. The fleas will still bite the cat but the fleas will be eventually poisoned and die.

Cat Flea Sprays

There are some fairly effective cat flea sprays which you can buy, such as Frontline.Be careful when you apply the spray as it could be harmful.I suggest wearing a pair of gloves when applying to your cat.

One thing you should note is that you should only use only use flea control products that are specifically intended for cats and that they are safe for your cat.Cats are more sensitive. Hence, a product that suits dogs may not necessary be appropriate for your cat. It is always best to check with your vet before purchasing the stronger flea removal products.

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