A Comprehensive Solution To Fleas

Fleas are something pet owners concern themselves about. Fleas lay eggs that can actually stay dormant for up to one year. So when it comes to flea treatments, whether you are using a flea shampoo on your pet, or using a flea bomb to treat your entire house, it is important that it be done properly and effectively.

If your dog or cat is infected with fleas, one option is bathing your pet with a product that will kill the fleas and the eggs. Be sure to wash your pet’s entire coat with the flea shampoo. Work it up into a thick foam and be sure to rub the lather firmly into your pet’s coat. You want to get the shampoo all the way through your pet’s fur onto the skin. Then rinse your dog or cat thoroughly and dry them with a clean towel. You must also treat your pet’s environment to make sure that fleas do not return to your pet.

If the fleas have gone beyond your pet, or you simply want to make sure your house is free of fleas, you might have to use a flea bomb. Flea bombs can be used in a specific area within the house or it can affect the whole house. While using a flea bomb can be very disruptive for the household, as everyone must leave the area when it is being used, it might be the best solution depending upon the flea infestation.

With a flea bomb, you do not need to worry about fleas for several months. Flea bombs are meant to kill not only the full grown fleas but also the eggs. They are meant to work to disrupt the insect reproductive cycle.

Once your pet has been treated, try to prevent future problems by keeping your pet clean, and when vacuuming, change bags frequently. In addition, be sure to wash your pet’s bedding, more frequently during the summer.

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